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      Electrical Services

      Targeting your electrical installation generates the potential for substantial savings. We provide solutions to optimize the three pillars of energy efficiency:

      • Measurement
      • Optimal energy consumption
      • Sustainable performance for lasting results

      Pioneer Communications Group can turn your power distribution system into a source of savings. These simple, cost-effective solutions do not require a Building Management System and can maximize your installation’s main functions, including power supply, uninterrupted service, protection, and energy quality. Additional functions deliver useful information to aid in installation and energy consumption.

      Solutions in Power Distribution

      • Shed non-priority loads automatically
      • Correct your installation’s power factor and reduce energy costs
      • Reduce power loss by filtering harmonics
      • Reduce capital expenditures and operating costs with smart design
      • Start saving energy by monitoring your MV network locally
      • Take advantage of discount MV utility rates without the risk of counterparty power cuts

      These solutions can be attained by means of HVAC control, energy monitoring, building management, photovoltaic solutions, and renewable power generation. Our goal is to determine your needs and customize a plan that will provide you with maximum savings, sustainable performance, and lasting results.