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      Wireless Network Solutions

      Covering the Rocky Mountain Region, Pacific Northwest, and Desert Southwest – if it has to do with wireless, Pioneer Communications Group can make it happen. Our experts excel in installing, extending, testing, and troubleshooting TDM, fiber, and microwave backhaul. Additionally, we have extensive experience and certified technicians to handle GSM, UMTS, LTE installs, upgrades, and troubleshooting and have installed in-building DAS systems in small and large venues from the ground up. With our in-house electrical team and tower crews, we can provide turn-key services for any wireless network application and have experience with setup and maintenance of most components of wireless communications. Our technical experience allows us to provide accurate and detailed audits. Additionally, our construction and maintenance services provide high quality H-frames, conduit, fencing, and shelter repair or placement.

      • Alcatel-Lucent MPR 9500 Microwave Level 3 certified technicians
      • Alcatel-Lucent UMTS install, upgrade, and troubleshooting
      • Nokia GSM certified technicians
      • 7705
      • LTE
      • Fiber optic install, splicing, OTDR troubleshooting, and certified technicians
      • Site audits
      • TDM DS3, Mux, T1 extension, testing, configuring, and troubleshooting
      • Tellabs SIAD install and config load
      • Microwave setup, alignment, optimization, and dish moves
      • Microwave experience: Lucent, Radwin, Harris, Exalt, Cerragon, Adtran, and more

      Communications Transport (Backhaul)

      Pioneer Communications Group can help design, build, and create working solutions for voice and data transport. We have worked with local exchange carriers to make a seamless transition from wireless RF to central office solutions and our team can provide site audits and lease reviews to provide both copper and fiber transport needs. Expert technicians will also assist you with construction needs for both early power and Telco, as well as Co-locate sites. Additionally, we can provide fiber for high-voltage and microwave T1 and DS3 solutions for sites with difficult access.

      • Design and build out transport solutions
      • Local exchange coordination
      • Lease reviews
      • NIU testing to central office

      Microwave Solutions

      Our experts, which include several Lucent certified field technicians, are trained with many of the major brands of microwaves, including packet ethernet radios. Trained field technicians to complete both provisioning and testing of both T1 and DS3 turn up and provide path design and line up solutions. Our team is able to carry out field audits to maximize use of microwave and transport solutions. Over the years, we’ve worked with many of major radios used in the cellular industry, including Exalt, Lucent, Alcatel, Harris, Adtran, and more.

      • DS1 and DS3 extension and provisioning
      • Capacity audits and performance audits
      • Formatting DS1 and DS3 cards
      • Cabling and wrapping down on DSXs
      • Path design

      Fiber Solutions

      Our technicians are trained and certified to help fill the large demand for fiber design and build solutions with many years of training and up-to-date certifications. From fault detection to OTDR results, Pioneer Communications Group has the experience to maximize your fiber design and is able to test and trouble-shoot fiber paths. Having worked extensively with both multi-mode and single-mode fiber, we have the skills needed to provide emergency repairs, from cut or damaged fiber to complete replacement.

      • Certified field technicians
      • Design and build solutions
      • Trouble shoot and fault detection
      • Splicing and in field emergency repairs